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From strategies to concrete actions

Welcome to the age of the customer! We help companies to succeed with customer experience. With our methods and expertise, we incorporate customer experience as a genuine part of company's strategy, ways of working and culture. The desired changes are then ensured with the right metrics.


Customer experience development is a journey that requires a clear strategy including management model, vision and goals. Analyzing current capabilities and building a business case provide a solid foundation for the customer experience strategy.

Customer insight

It is difficult to develop customer experience without sufficient customer understanding. We have several methods to capture voice of the customer e.g. customer interviews and surveys. Customer insights are then used to develop customer journeys and deploy service design. We also craft customer and employee experience measurement models to support the chosen strategy and provide tools for customer experience analytics.

Ways of working

Ways of working ensure the desired customer experience is delivered on a daily basis. Customer centric ways of working include, for example, customer promises and closing the loop – model for utilizing customer feedback. We utilize service design methods to engage employees and customers in the process.

Competence development

Customer experience is about building culture and developing capabilities. We assess the current state of customer experience competences and identify development needs. Asiakaskokemuksen Akatemia offers online trainings from various areas of customer experience. In addition, we offer tailored trainings and keynote speeches for specific needs.

Customer Experience Academy

Online trainings, events and webinars

Our mission

Real value for customers

Whether you need a challenger for managers, single pain point solver or long-term development partner, our experts help assess development needs and choose the best course of action. We believe that customer experience is a way to stand out and succeed. Finland needs more companies that are ready to do everything on behalf of their customers!


Introducing areas of customer experience

Get familiar with different themes of customer experience with our free guides and books by our founder Kari Korkiakoski.

Strategic Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Governance


Embedding customer thinking to your organization

Amazing Customer Experience

We are Futurelab Experience, your partner in customer experience. We utilize the latest research and technology in the industry. Leading companies in Finland rely on our expertise and services.

What our customers say

Customer cases

  • Creating a Customer Experience vision with employees

    Starting point

    Tallink Silja’s mission is to offer memorable experience and make customers return. As part of the group level strategy, Tallink Silja wanted to develop their customer experience by defining an ambition level and strategy for CX development.

    Solution and results

    In order to create a CX vision and strategy that inspires and motivates employees, we involved employees in the work from beginning. In co-operatin with Tallink Silja, we designed and built CX rooms, for both cruise ships and supporting functions in the land. Employees from various levels of the organization were invited to take part in the CX rooms and dream what would be the future Customer Experience of Silja Line. After the CX rooms, we took the input from employees and defined a customer experience vision and roadmap with the management.

    "Silja Line employees gave very positive feedback on the CX rooms and on the innovative way they were able to participate and give their input in the strategy process. "This process was so much fun and gave us new perspective on customer experience and our role in it.""

  • Customer experience development in partnership since 2019

    Starting point

    The city of Helsinki has set an ambitious target to become "the most functional city in the world". Futurelab has been a partner of the City of Helsinki in customer experience development since 2019. Customer experience capabilities and measurement have been systematically developed in close cooperation.

    Solution and results

    Futurelab has supported the City of Helsinki in developing customer experience targets and measurement models and metrics. New customer experience measurement model and metrics have been developed in cooperation with the City of Helsinki. The design of new measurement model and metrics was started with the definition of key performance metrics that are in line with the strategic targets of the City. In addition, employees and management have been trained in a series of workshops. As a result, customer experience is systematically measured and results are utilised for continuous improvement.

    "With the help of Futurelab we have accelerated our customer experience development and increased our competencies and skills in the area. Well prepared workshops and materials have made our joint work successful. "

  • Increased customer-centricity and NPS

    Starting point

    Oriola has set strategic targets to improve Customer Experience and customer-centricity. A group-wide CX program covering both Finland and Sweden markets was launched to support Oriola in the strategic targets in 2018.

    Solution and results

    Futurelab has been supporting Oriola since 2019 as a partner and an outsourced program manager (PMO). During the time of cooperation customer experience has been systematically developed and new processes, metrics and thinking have been piloted and implemented in the organization. As a result of the cooperation a customer experience strategy and vision has been created, customer journeys have been analyzed, measurement model and metrics created and developed, and closing the loop process implemented to improve customer communications. Trainings and employee competence building has been done in cooperation with HR. The program results have been reported to company CEO and management team.

    "Systematic efforts in customer experience development shows in our results, through increased NPS and spontaneous feedback from our customers. Customer experience role and development targets have been well understood in our organization and customer-centricity has been overall increasing. "

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Meet our experts

Kari Korkiakoski is Finland's leading customer experience expert and advocate. Kari founded Futurelab Experience in 2010, when he also completed the Net Promoter Score training. 2023 came out Kari's latest book "Tomorrow's customer". In 2019, Kari's book "Customer Experience and Employee Experience" was published. Book combines two current important themes. Together with Belinda Gerdt, he has written the book "The Superior Customer Experience" in 2016. In addition, he has co-authored book "Customer Era" with Janne Löytänä in 2014. Kari regularly speaks and trains at events related to customer experience, management and digitalization.

Kari Korkiakoski

CEO, Partner Phone: +358 50 516 9551 kari.korkiakoski@futurelab.fi

Pasi has a wide experience from marketing and sales management positions both form large companies and SMEs. For example telecom operators, media and retail business and public organizations are especially familiar to him. Pasi has been working a lot with marketing, key account management and contact centers and he knows well the framework of developing customer experience in these areas.

Pasi Brusi

Senior Consultant, Partner Phone: +358 40 594 6621 pasi.brusi@futurelab.fi

Ville is an experienced retail professional. Various development, training and managerial assignments have gained him a deep understanding of the opportunities brought by digitalization and constantly changing global landscape. Ville found his passion for customer experience during his studies. In his Master's thesis for the Sokos Hotels, he studied how digitalization shapes the customer experience and expectations in hotels. Postgraduate studies in the United States gave him the opportunity to dive deeper into the hospitality industry, for example through a collaboration with Hilton.

Ville Henttonen

Consultant Phone: +358 44 313 0330 ville.henttonen@futurelab.fi

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