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We offer holistic support in customer experience development from strategy to ways of working


Customer experience strategy is about defining clearly the existing state, target state, targets (KPIs) and phases for customer experience development.

Customer experience strategy strengthens a company’s or a public organization’s strategy. It is important that customer experience development targets are aligned with organization’s targets, brand, values, mission and vision. Engaging management and personnel in this part of the process is critical.

A good customer experience strategy requires a roadmap with an action plan. Futurelab’s 360 analysis and customer experience business case ensure the existing strengths and weaknesses are acknowledged and efforts in customer experience development will result in business benefits.

Customer insight

Customer experience is about customers’ perceptions and experience of a company based on touch points, images and emotions. In order for the customer experience to improve, it is vital to understand how customers truly experience and feel when interacting with the company. 

Customer insight can be acquired in multiple ways depending on the situation and needs.  We often recommend customer deep-dive interviews to ensure an outside-in view in the development, such as when capturing and analysing a customer journey. In the analysis of quantitative and non-structured feedback (e.g. verbal comments) we utilise customer experience analytics and AI to capture dependencies between different factors. 

Futurelab is a leading consultant in customer experience measurement development. In addition to developing or updating the existing customer experience measurements and KPIs, we also support with the customer experience management (CEM) KPIs development, as an integral part of customer experience management. Selecting the right tools and technology for voice of the customer survey management is a critical part of the measurement model, and we offer support with the technology selection and process.

Ways of working

Customer centric ways of working ensure the desired customer experience is delivered on a daily basis. Developing successful ways of working and processes around customer experience requires understanding of customer journeys and engagement of stakeholders in the organization. When developing processes and ways of working around CX, we recommend engaging various parts of the organization from sales and marketing to customer service and support functions. 

In the development of customer journeys we utilize customer in-depth interviews and service design methods. Customer journeys typically act as a starting point for process and service development, and are a vital part of the CX framework. It is imperative to understand the customer journey from customers’ point of view, to ensure development focuses on true pain points and moments that matter to the customer.

Customer promises concretise and specify the desired CX strategy. Customer promises are about taking the strategy statements to the practical level – in the daily interactions between employees and customers. Customer promises act as shared concepts that ensure efficient and harmonized delivery of the desired customer experience.

Closing the loop processes are about handling and utilizing voice of the customer for continuous improvement. In the development of closing the loop process we typically start with customer survey feedback and its’ utilization. However, Closing the loop does not have to end there, as it is also very much about internal capabilities and skills how to utilize voice of the customer for root-cause analysis and process improvement.

Competence development

Managing customer experience requires right competences and capabilities in the organization. In the development of CX competences we work closely with HR. 

Futurelab’s CX competence analysis captures current strengths and weaknesses. We analyze and interpret the results and provide our recommendations on how to improve customer experience competences and awareness in the organization through trainings, communications and on-the-job learning.

We offer both tailored CX trainings to our customers and online trainings, with our brand Asiakaskokemuksen Akatemia.

In addition we are a preferred speaker or a key note lecturer in CX conferences and events, in Finland and abroad.